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News :

04.02.2001 Add Spanish Documentation. Thanks to Walter Oscar Echarri

02.23.2001 New ZZplayer packages, built with SDL-1.1.8
02.12.2001 New GUI for ZZplayer EDE. link http://www.cortex.host.sk
02.05.2001 New rpm packages : SDL build for XFree 3.3.6 01.29.2001 new packages : the Gnome GUI alone and the KDE gui for i586

01.24.2001 ZZplayer 0.9 is out, with a playlist !!!
This the last version of ZZplayer for KDE 1. Next versions will be KDE 2.

09.21.2000 ZZplayer 0.8 is out, many changes. See the new screenshots !
08.28.2000 ZZplayer 0.7a is out, some bugs fixed
08.27.2000 ZZplayer 0.7 is out, please see the Changelog
08.08.2000 ZZplayer 0.6 is out
07.16.2000 ZZplayer 0.5 is out
06.15.2000 Update ZZplayer-0.4 packages with SDL-1.1.3 and SMPEG-0.4.0
06.07.2000 New devel version
05.31.2000 New devel version
05.10.2000 Update online documentation

What is ZZplayer ?

ZZplayer is a MPEG player for the KDE environment. Currently Mpeg I video, MP3 and VCD are supported. He is based on SMPEG library.You can play video in loop, without audio, resize the video or play in fullscreen mode.
This software is distributed under the GNU Public License (GPL)


* Simple DirectMedia Layer (SDL) 1.1.7 or newer
* SMPEG 0.4.2 or newer
* KDE 1.1.2 and Qt 1.4x if you want the KDE GUI
* Gnome if you want the gnome GUI

Reporting bugs:

Please report any bugs to zzplayer-users@lists.sourceforge.net.

KDE Snapshot :

Snapshot 1

Snapshot 2

ChangeLog : (since the last version)
0.9  - January 24 2000                   Works fine with SDL-1.1.7 and smpeg-0.4.2
     Add KDE playlist
     Add solaris compatible
     Improve VCD
     More translations
     Add wheel mouse support
     Add bilinear filter support for smpeg
     Improve Esound support
     Add Gnome GUI
     Add Netscape support with plugger
     Update configure scripts

Full Changelog can be found here.

Download :

Devel version : No devel version

You can also download the last cvs version on the sourceforge server :

$cvs -d:pserver:anonymous@cvs.zzplayer.sourceforge.net:/cvsroot/zzplayer login

When prompted for a password for anonymous, simply press the Enter key

$cvs -z3 -d:pserver:anonymous@cvs.zzplayer.sourceforge.net:/cvsroot/zzplayer co zzplayer

Lastest stable version :

zzplayer-0.9.tar.bz2 (source) 252 Ko

zzplayer-0.9-3.src.rpm (RPM source) 258 Ko

zzplayer-0.9-3.i586.rpm (compiled with KDE 1.1.2 on RedHat 6.2 with SDL 1.1.8 and smpeg 0.4.2) 154 Ko

zzplayer-0.9-1_gnome.i586.rpm (Gnome GUI alone, compiled RedHat 6.2 with SDL 1.1.7 and smpeg 0.4.2) 149 Ko

Old versions

Problems in ZZplayer 0.9

Size slide doesn't work with little file.

If you use esound, sometimes ZZplayer freeze.

If you have some problems to compile, try to run :
And then run the configure script, make, make install

If you try to compile the gnome GUI alone, po files are store in the / directory.

To compile ZZplayer on RedHat 7.0 : use kgcc instead of gcc-2.96.


There is a mailing list to know announcement of new versions of ZZplayer. You can join this mailing list at http://lists.sourceforge.net/mailman/listinfo/zzplayer-announce. It is a very quiet mailing list.

Documentation :

ZZplayer English documentation
ZZplayer Spanish documentation
ZZplayer Japonese documentation
ZZplayer French documentation
ZZplayer German documentation

More About ZZplayer ?

Go to the sourceforge board.

All you need is here :

smpeg-0.4.2-1.i386.rpm 155 Ko
smpeg-devel-0.4.2-1.i386.rpm 110 Ko
You can find the lastest smpeg version on the lokigames site

SDL-1.1.8-1.i386.rpm 167 Ko Warning this version is compiled for XFree 4.0.x
SDL-1.1.8-1_XF3.x.i386.rpm 147 Ko This version is compiled for XFree 3.3.6
SDL-devel-1.1.8-1.i386.rpm 447 Ko
You can find the lastest SDL version on the SDL site


Berkeley MPEG player



KDE environment

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