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2. Changes

ChangeLog :

0.9  - January 24 2000                   Works fine with SDL-1.1.7 and smpeg-0.4.2
     Add KDE playlist
     Add solaris compatible
     Improve VCD
     More translations
     Add wheel mouse support
     Add bilinear filter support for smpeg
     Improve Esound support
     Add Gnome GUI
     Add Netscape support with plugger
     Update configure scripts

0.8  - Sept 22 2000                      Works fine with SDL-1.1.4 and smpeg-0.4.0
     New GUI, you must see that !!
     Add Japonese translation and documentation
     Add French translation and documentation
     Update documentation
     Add keepthisresolution option
     Update VCD functions
     Bug fixed
     Fixed a compilation bug

0.7a - Aug 28 2000                       Works fine with SDL-1.1.4 and smpeg-0.4.0
     bug fixed
     Update documentation

0.7  - Aug 27 2000                       Works fine with SDL-1.1.4 and smpeg-0.4.0
     Add Beta VCD support
     Add command line
     Fixed the pause bug
     Add autoclose option
     Connect close video window to ZZplayer exit
     Update documentation                  thanks to Seung-young Oh
     Fixed the crash when you don't chose a mpeg file
     Add the version number in the About... window
     Close the fullscreen mode at the end of the video

0.6  - Aug 8 2000                        Works fine with SDL-1.1.4 and smpeg-0.4.0

     Special thanks to Stephane Peter for his help

     Fullscreen window fill the screen and keep the ratio
     Can close the video window
     Now you can resize the video window
     Add mp3 support
     Rewrite all the code
     Remove double size option

0.5  - July 16 2000                      Works fine with SDL-1.1.3 and smpeg-0.4.0
     Add size slide
     Update mpeg filter
     Support to smpeg 0.4.0
     Add enable/disable the audio icon
     Update documentation
     Fixe little icon bug
     Fixe file does not exist bug
     Change GUI
     Add fullscreen option when open file
     Mouse hidden in fullscreen
     Check smpeg in configure script

0.4  - Jan 17 2000                       Works fine with SDL-1.0.8 and smpeg-0.3.4
     Add filter mpg when open file
     Add full support 24 bpp 32 bpp
     Update autoconf script for SDL and smpeg

0.3  - Jan 3 2000
     Beta fullscreen option
     Separate smpeg lib and zzplayer
     The video window do a good size
     Add sound slider
     Add history files
     Add a title to the video window

0.2  - Nov 15 1999
     Add nice icons and video sample - thanks cougar ;-)
     Icons path problem resolved
     Add many options like double size, disable audio, loop
     Add Help button
     Change to smpeg-0.3.1
     Little bug at quit fixed

0.1  - Nov 7 1999
     Initial version

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