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1. Introduction

ZZplayer is a MPEG player for the KDE environment. Currently Mpeg I video, MP3 and VCD are supported. He is based on SMPEG library.You can play video in loop, without audio, resize the video or play in fullscreen mode. This software is distributed under the GNU Public License (GPL)

1.1 The ZZplayer Team

Development :

Nicolas Vignal : Config files, plugins and documentation

Frédéric Grasset : KDE GUI and French translation

Jayan S. Rangan : Gnome GUI

Can Leonard : Bring ZZplayer on Solaris and debug/improve the VCD

Translation :

Atsushi Yamagata : Japonese translation

Eggert Ehmke : German translation

Dr. karslioglu : Turkish translation

Wibowo. S : Indonesian translation

1.2 Announcement

There is a mailing list to know announcement of new versions of ZZplayer. You can join this mailing list at this url : . It is a very quiet mailing list.

1.3 Contact the ZZplayer Team and ZZplayer users

There is a mailing list to talk with us and with ZZplayer users : You can join the mailing list at this url : You can also consult the mailing list archive or leave a message on the forum by using the sourceforge board.

All feedback are appreciate.

1.4 ToDo

There is lot of work to do on ZZplayer. See the list !!! I think the next stuff will be the kde 2 support.

You want to add an other feature ? Want to join the team ? Send us an email at

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