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4. What's new ?

4.1 ZZplayer and Netscape

This new release support Netscape plugins. You can play a video inside Netscape. To do that you need to install and configure plugger.

You can find plugger at this URL :

I join a part of my /etc/pluggerrc :

video/mpeg: mpeg, mpg, mpe: MPEG animation

        :zzplayer --fullscreen=no --autoclose=yes --loop=no --saveoptions=no --windowID=$window $file

4.2 ZZplayer and KDE 2

This is the last release of ZZplayer for KDE 1. Anyway it's possible to use ZZplayer under KDE 2. To do that, you need KDE 1 or the KDE1-compat library on your computer. There is a little difficulty : don't forget to set the QTDIR and KDEDIR variable to compile and to run ZZplayer. A good idea is to write a little script to launch ZZplayer.

ZZplayer and Konqueror support Netscape plugins. It means that you can play a video inside Konqueror.

4.3 ZZplayer and your mouse

This release takes care of mouse with wheel. You can switch in fullscreen mode with a left click and make a pause with a right click. The wheel of your mouse can be use to increase or decrease the volume. If you have an other idea to wrap the mouse, please send us an email.

4.4 ZZplayer and Gnome

This release add a Gnome GUI to ZZplayer. To compile it, you need to run the configure script with the --enable-gnomegui=yes option. This GUI come from gmpeg, it's still a beta version. If you want to build a GUI for your environment, please contact us.

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