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3. Installation

3.1 How to obtain ZZplayer

Last release versions of ZZplayer can be found on You can also download the last cvs version on the sourceforge server :

$cvs login
When prompted for a password for anonymous, simply press the Enter key.
$cvs -z3 co zzplayer

3.2 Requirements

3.3 Compilation and installation

In order to compile and install ZZplayer on your system, type the following in the base directory of the ZZplayer distribution:

% ./configure
% make
% make install

The configure script supports some options. Please run :

% ./configure --help
to kown the list of options.

Since ZZplayer uses autoconf you should have not trouble compiling it. Should you run into problems please report them to the ZZplayer team at

Sometimes you need to set the QTDIR variable (on RedHat system for example). Don't use the --with-qt-dir option in configure. Use $export QTDIR=/usr/lib/qt-1.4x before launch the configure script.

3.4 Bug report

Please send all bug report at :

Before reporting a bug, please verify you're using the latest version of ZZplayer. May be somebody else had this bug and report them to the mailing list. You can search in the mailing list archive at this URL :

When reporting bugs, please include informations on your computer, distribution including versions. If possible, join an example for us to reproduce the bug.

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